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Section 9: Tasks and Synchronization -- TOC

The execution of an Ada program consists of the execution of one or more tasks. Each task represents a separate thread of control that proceeds independently and concurrently between the points where it interacts with other tasks. The various forms of task interaction are described in this section, and include:
In addition, tasks can communicate indirectly by reading and updating (unprotected) shared variables, presuming the access is properly synchronized through some other kind of task interaction.
Static Semantics
The properties of a task are defined by a corresponding task declaration and task_body, which together define a program unit called a task unit.
Dynamic Semantics
Over time, tasks proceed through various states. A task is initially inactive; upon activation, and prior to its termination it is either blocked (as part of some task interaction) or ready to run. While ready, a task competes for the available execution resources that it requires to run.


Clauses and Subclauses

  1. Task Units and Task Objects
  2. Task Execution - Task Activation
  3. Task Dependence - Termination of Tasks
  4. Protected Units and Protected Objects
  5. Intertask Communication -- TOC
    1. Protected Subprograms and Protected Actions
    2. Entries and Accept Statements
    3. Entry Calls
    4. Requeue Statements
  6. Delay Statements, Duration, and Time
  7. Select Statements -- TOC
    1. Selective Accept
    2. Timed Entry Calls
    3. Conditional Entry Calls
    4. Asynchronous Transfer of Control
  8. Abort of a Task - Abort of a Sequence of Statements
  9. Task and Entry Attributes
  10. Shared Variables
  11. Example of Tasking and Synchronization

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