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D.6 Preemptive Abort

This clause specifies requirements on the immediacy with which an aborted construct is completed.
Dynamic Semantics
On a system with a single processor, an aborted construct is completed immediately at the first point that is outside the execution of an abort-deferred operation.
Documentation Requirements
On a multiprocessor, the implementation shall document any conditions that cause the completion of an aborted construct to be delayed later than what is specified for a single processor.
The implementation shall document the following metrics:
Implementation Advice
Even though the abort_statement is included in the list of potentially blocking operations (see 9.5.1), it is recommended that this statement be implemented in a way that never requires the task executing the abort_statement to block.
On a multi-processor, the delay associated with aborting a task on another processor should be bounded; the implementation should use periodic polling, if necessary, to achieve this.


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