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Annex D: Real-Time Systems
-- TOC

This Annex specifies additional characteristics of Ada implementations intended for real-time systems software. To conform to this Annex, an implementation shall also conform to the Systems Programming Annex.
The metrics are documentation requirements; an implementation shall document the values of the language-defined metrics for at least one configuration of hardware or an underlying system supported by the implementation, and shall document the details of that configuration.
The metrics do not necessarily yield a simple number. For some, a range is more suitable, for others a formula dependent on some parameter is appropriate, and for others, it may be more suitable to break the metric into several cases. Unless specified otherwise, the metrics in this annex are expressed in processor clock cycles. For metrics that require documentation of an upper bound, if there is no upper bound, the implementation shall report that the metric is unbounded.


Clauses and Subclauses

  1. Task Priorities
  2. Priority Scheduling -- TOC
    1. The Task Dispatching Model
    2. The Standard Task Dispatching Policy
  3. Priority Ceiling Locking
  4. Entry Queuing Policies
  5. Dynamic Priorities
  6. Preemptive Abort
  7. Tasking Restrictions
  8. Monotonic Time
  9. Delay Accuracy
  10. Synchronous Task Control
  11. Asynchronous Task Control
  12. Other Optimizations and Determinism Rules

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