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H.3.2 Pragma Inspection_Point

An occurrence of a pragma Inspection_Point identifies a set of objects each of whose values is to be available at the point(s) during program execution corresponding to the position of the pragma in the compilation unit. The purpose of such a pragma is to facilitate code validation.
         pragma Inspection_Point[(object_name {, object_name})];
Legality Rules
A pragma Inspection_Point is allowed wherever a declarative_item or statement is allowed. Each object_name shall statically denote the declaration of an object.
Static Semantics
An inspection point is a point in the object code corresponding to the occurrence of a pragma Inspection_Point in the compilation unit. An object is inspectable at an inspection point if the corresponding pragma Inspection_Point either has an argument denoting that object, or has no arguments.
Dynamic Semantics
Execution of a pragma Inspection_Point has no effect.
Implementation Requirements
Reaching an inspection point is an external interaction with respect to the values of the inspectable objects at that point (see 1.1.3).
Documentation Requirements
For each inspection point, the implementation shall identify a mapping between each inspectable object and the machine resources (such as memory locations or registers) from which the object's value can be obtained.


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